April 18, 2007

Home Mortgages

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My father died in December and as a result of that I just moved back home to live with my mother about two weeks ago. The home is paid for but they added on a Florida room a few years ago. I think it was within the past 5 years and they got a 2ND mortgage to pay for it. That has been one of the things that we have been dealing with as far as my fathers affairs since he passed away. Mom is now in the process of paying off.

I am not sure what process my father went through when he decided to get the 2ND mortgage but there are so many options out there it is mind boggling. One resource that you may want to consider if you are in the market is Personal Home Mortgages.com. They have all the current rates and news available by state. They can address all your questions. For example check out
New Jersey Mortgages. Now for all the states you can get 4 free mortgage quotes from lenders for bad credit and various sorts of home loans. In New Jersey, the total number of house for sale is 24,546. If you compare that to Connecticut they only have 9,305 homes for sale. It is kind of interesting to look at each state and see the differences.

It is always good to do your homework. A mortgage is a long term commitment. You definitely want to make the right decision. Personal Home Mortgages offers real-time national and local mortgage rates so that you can do just that!

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