April 19, 2007

If I Tell You, I'd Have To Kill You!

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

If I Tell You, I'd Have To Kill You! That is what I think about when I think of Privileged access . Things that are secret, top secret and protected by passwords. It also makes me think of bad things I have heard recently on the news...like at T J Maxx and how someone got access to their systems and took the credit card numbers of possible thousands of customers. That is scary. I shop at T. J. Maxx ALL the time. It is one of my favorite stores. I wonder who designed their system and what exactly failed to that access was granted to others not with the company.

I do not think they were using Symark because they are a firm know globally for protecting data and providing protective software to companies that will solve security breaches and provide protection from both inside and outside threats. The key program they use is PowerBroker. It seems like it is the computer police, the way it functions. First it will define the root administrator, then from there others can be allowed access under the conditions that you specify. In addition, it does provided monitoring down to the keystroke. That sound pretty secure to me!

Best of all is that there is a 30 day free trial. There is even support that is available most of the time. Now, if you have a contract technical support is available 24 hours a day. In today's climate, people trying to do bad things in the IT world are everywhere and they are normally very smart people. Systems today need to be even smarter. Providing access in a business is one of the ways that employees commit about 80% of the computer hacking and crimes. Protect your business. Try Symark. You certainly do not have anything to loose except an unneeded gap in your security system.


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