April 25, 2007

Mr. America

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

This is the before picture. He goes to the groomer this afternoon. He always gets so whiny when the cars heads in the direction of the vet. He knows. The bad thing is that the vet is connected to the groomer, so he always thinks he is going to the vet until we open the groomer door.

Poor thing. All that stress for nothing. When they get done, they will have given him his summer cut. All the fur will be gone and they will blend teh face hair and leave the tail poofy. He will look like a fox when they get done. They will also polish his nails, perfume him up and top him off with some sort of bow. Man! He lives the good life. Sitting around in our laps just about all day!


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