April 25, 2007

Free Forms

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I know just the bare bones about HTML, just enough to make a few changes to my blog. If I had to know enough to design a Web formI would be in trouble. Thank goodness for Forms4Free. That stress is taken away. They have a form wizard that you complete with the needed parameters and about five minutes later, you have a code that you can cut and paste where you need it.

The cost for the service is $19.95 and this is a one time fee. Once you pay the fee, you get a form mail file that is actually uploaded to your site. Once there any forms you need can be generated at your site as opposed to an outside source. There is a guarantee, which is good. Supposed you were paying for a code that did not work? They guarantee a working form and will fix any bugs or snags that may come up. Check it out because Forms 4Free is the best site for form mail and HTML forms. It can't be any easier than that!


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