April 18, 2007

Program Cars

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The car I have right now is a Hyundai. It was not a brand new car. It was a program car. You know one of those that was used by the dealership for testing. I did not do a whole lot of looking when I bought it. I knew what my price range was and I knew that I wanted something almost new but not quite used. I think that I was lucky to get it and it was in such good consition. The only thing that was not so good was the seat covers. It looked like whoever was driving it at the dealership had kids, so there were a few stains on the seats. I could live with that. A little shampoo and a steamer would take care of that.

I actually had a male friend of mine go look for the car for me. I did not do it myself. I left him do all the work. It runs well and seems to just go with no problems. It is a 2003 and now I am having a feeling that I want something different. This time I think I will do the looking myself in addition to what I may aske him to find out for me. Not a new car again. I mean, as soon as you get it off the lot it is a used car. I think I want a Landrover. Maybe a jeep.

LemonFree Used Cars For Sale may be a good place to start my search. I did that and found a listing of used Land Rovers in my area. I did not realize how easy that was going to be. Pictures, prices and the car location right at your fingertips. I just plugged in the type of car I wanted and where I am and 2 pages of listings came back. If you are really not sure what you want, you can scan the review of cars by types to help narrow your search down. Lemonfree has cars listed from the east to the west coast. There are cars in every city imaginable. Check out Used Cars New york. With the mass transit system there, cars are not needed by all.

With the internet, car hunting has become something you almost might have to leave you home to do. As a great resource, start with Lemon Free. You might just be able to find your next dreamcar with their help!

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