April 19, 2007

Spider Sense

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Last night I put the dog out for one last time before going to bed. I opened the patio door and let him out. Normally he goes down the desk steps immediately, sprinkles the shrubs and comes back up. He did not do that. Instead he sat down at the top of the steps just looking off into the darkness. Very odd. I watched and he just looked. Finally he did go down and sprinkle the bushed and instead of running right back in, he again just lay down at the top of the steps just looking out. Something was not right. None of the normal back lights that we have on were on so it was very dark. I all of a sudden got a very eerie feeling. I called the dog back in and locked the door.

I was on my way back to the bedroom when the alarm clock in my fathers bedroom began to his and pop...very loud static. I was totally freaked. My father died in December so no clock should be set or going off in his room. As I walked past the alarm I noticed it was not armed. I turned it on. I turned off the clock and decided to turn on the flood lights and back deck lights. I looked around the entire house. I went to all the doors and windows and checked them. The deadbolt was not on the front door. I then made my way back to ward my room again. That clock began to hiss and pop with loud static.

At this point I was sure that my father was sending me a message from the grave that something was not right outside. Why would that clock be acting like that? I checked the back garage door. It was locked but the deadbolt was not on. I turned that lock. I then turned on the front outside lights. I again went to each door and window and looked for any signs of movement outside. None. Finally the feeling that something was not right outside left. Then I heard the doors from the house that was directly behind me begin to bark like crazy. There had to be something going on. I am not sure what.

I do believe that I got a nudge from my father to turn on the lights and check the locks. That clock thing hissing and popping. That clock has not been set since the moring of his death back in December. Why was it going off with hissing and popping for no reason? I am still freaked out by that. I just do not want to think about how scared I was when I heard it. I was even afraid to go into the room to turn it off. It was so loud it was unnatural. It was so loud I would have been able to hear it from my room in the complete opposite end of the house. Can the dead send us messages and warnings? I think so. We just have to be in tune in order to hear them.


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