April 21, 2007

Who Let the Dogs Out?

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Who? Who? Who? Lead Dogs let the dogs out. In order to turn business to business leads into sales some of the biggest companies out there use Lead dogs to manage their lead generation. We are talking some of the really BIG dogs like Microsoft and Adobe, Shell and IBM just to name a few. The company actually works with the marketing staff of their clients to manage inquiries and eventually turn those into sales.

There are some great testimonials that you can actually download and review to see how it works and what the success rate is of Lead Dogs. The company has been around since 1994 and has hired some of the most qualified professionals out there in order to meet their client needs. The majority of the tools they use are telecommunications, networking, business software and industrial products. With these tools they are able to drive the revenue of their clients upward resulting in increased opportunities. So, if your company is not generating enough qualified leas, you may just need some assistance from a bigger dog. Lead Dogs! Check them out!

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