April 16, 2007

Wind Chimes

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

The world is a better place with wind chimes in it. Before I moved in with my mom, I bought a brand new wind chime from The World Market. Each spring it was my right of passage to go out and get a new wind chime. I put them all up on my patio. I had six all together and some I tried to repair to keep. It was hard to let an old wind chime go.

As a young girl in middle school I also love chimes. I remember a friend of mine from Japan gave me a shell chime that used to clammer in the wind.

The chime pictured here is almost like the one I bought a few months ago. It is similar. I got rid of my other old ones as they had served me well. This one I finally put up on Monday on the back porch. I am not sure that I like the location because it is kind of out of the path of the wind. I hardly ever hear it. I think that I will have to move it to a branch of the large pecan tree in center of the yard. I know I will hear it more placed there.

Most of the chimes at the World Market are very unique. The price is right as well. Most go for $20.00. A few of the really nice ones go up from there. Chimes really add to a garden and on a stressful day, they can add a little serenity to your frame of mind.


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