April 16, 2007

It Does Not Have to be Hard

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Just Say Hi is a new online dating site that I recently heard about. Dating seems like it should not be that hard of a thing to do, but it is. A friend of mine recently had an encounter she did not want. They say you are to meet a good man at church......well...this happened at church. The man is about the same age but he had a physical condition that makes him hunch over so he is very short and walks with a cane. He cannot help that. Beyond the pysical disability, he is just plain old wierd. He is always staring at my friend during church service from across the pews and calling her house and asking her mother if it is okay to sit with them. She is wigged out!

With a place like Just Say Hi, all those dating nightmares would be a thing of the past, or at least minimized. You would get to screen and get to know the person, long before you choose to meet them in person. The site itself is free to join. There are thousands of singles to choose from once you are a member. If you are like some other friends of mine who are only interested in friends with benefits, then adult dating would be what you would want. There is even a forum to join so that you really can network within that community and really get to know the other participants there. Join the forums and check out the site. All you Have to do is, Just Say Hi!


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