May 28, 2007

All That Glitters is Not Gold

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All that glitters is not gold. It just might be silver. Specifically, silver bars. Silver is now coming back into demand. The amount of silver that is mined is considerably less than the need for it. The stores of silver that used to be plentiful are just about gone. Countries that used to be owners of silver stores are now buyers of silver. What does that mean for us, the average person? That means to invest and now. There is no better time to buy silver. It can be one of the best financial moves you might make as far as diversity in your financial portfolio.

Silver can be purchased in coin or bar forms. With the bars, each bar is hallmarked to certify weight and purity. With the coins, they are no longer the junk coins that are 90% pure. They have been upgraded to a .999 fine investment grade purity. How can say no to that?

Buying is the easy part. You do have two options. You can make a cash purchase outright with you silver being delivered to you via mail or you can finance your investment with at 20% down payment. To make your selection, just pick up the phone and call Monex to speak to a representative. Your purchase will be made that day via receipt of your money transfer. After a short holding period, your silver investment will be shipped to you. Easy as pie. Don't delay. Invest in silver bars now. The market and world situation can change at any time. After all, investments in precious metals has offered investors a solid way to hold and protect wealth.


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