May 07, 2007

More Schooling

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I lived in North Carolina about 18 years ago and was in the process of applying to graduate school at Duke University. I began taking a few night course in math to get those skills sharpened. Me and a calculator were one. I was going to go back to school on a part time basis and get a masters degree. I was unable to get that because my circumstances changed. I got married instead and started a family. So here I am many years later still wanting to get that masters. Now you can get them online. Something that was not really happening back 18-20 years ago.

I really feel that having that degree will make me just a little more marketable. An online degree from Capella University is par for the course. Companies like Johnson and Johnson and Farmers Insurance have snapped up graduates who have completed the course. This is an accredited school with five main areas of study to choose: education, psychology, business, human services and undergraduate work. Like schools you physically attend they also have access to financial aid so that you can attend if money is an issue. The school itself has over 18,000 distance students so that has to say something. Capella currently offers 82 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 16 certificate programs.

Getting more education is not limited anymore by money or time. With the courses being online, you can work at your own pace to get your advanced degree. It will allow a good balance of work and home. Online learning can be done using any internet connection, anytime, anywhere. (I want to spend the day at the coffeeshop with a lap top. That is my ideal learning classroom. ) I would be able to download assignments, read and contribute to class discussions whereever I was. If I had questions, I could contact faculty members and advisors via e-mail.

Now the kids are teens and I have time. I now can go back and get that advanced degree. One thing my mother always said growing up was that no matter what happens, get a good education. No matter the circumstances, noone can take that way from you. She was right in that respect. Capella also believed that as well. After reading this sentence on the site, "The value of a Capella University education can be measured in many ways—from professional benefits like increased earning power to greater marketability in the workforce," I know they think the same thing. Jobs can come and go, but an education never leaves. You can always use that education to propel yourself upward into a new place in life.

Think about it. I am. I think now is the time for me to go back to school. There is nothing stopping me now. I have the time. I just have to put forth the effort. Check out online learning with Capella. More education can be life changing and only for the better!

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