May 07, 2007

A Sunday Cup of Crazy

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Last Sunday I got up to go to church like any other Sunday. I proceeded to get ready to go and I noticed that my mother was not getting ready. It was about 20 minutes before time to go and I asked her if she was going. She was not and the sunday cup of crazy spilled over. She began to rant about all sorts of things that made no sense at all. Well she was mad and decided that she could not go to church that day because of me. She said I had snubbed her the sunday before because I did not sit by her in her Sunday school class. Now this is a class that she has been going to for over a year by herself. I joined in the last 6 months. I sit where ever when I walk in. Sometimes I sit by her, sometimes I sit by others if I have a few words to talk with them about before the class begins.

Well, crazy came out last week and mom decided that she was making a new rule. I must sit right next to her in class. Can we say ridiculous? With a capital "R." This is about control. She does not want me to socialize and have fun with friends or other people. So she is trying to control me socially. I told her that if I needed to talk with someone I was and I had something to say to the person I sat down next to that morning. She kept insisting over and over that Ihad snubbed her. I was not going to apologize because I had done nothing wrong. I finally said whatever and walked away. But it got so much worse than you can imagine...she began to throw up things she did not like about me from high school and imagined things that she said I did to her back then. It was insanity materialized. I walked away.

Well, yesterday was of course Sunday. What did she do? I got up, got ready and she was milling around doing nothing. I did not ask her if she was going. Just got ready. She is a grown women with a grandfather clock. She knows the time. Well, what she did was get ready at the last minute so that we arrived 20 minutes late. That was also a control tactic. If we get there and the class has begun I won't have time to speak to anyone. The minister teaches our class and he hates lateness. I went to class and she decided she was going to the sanctuary. Why? Who knows. Well, she arrived 10 minutes after I did.

We are not joined at the hip. I will not comply with her rule that I must sit right next to her at all times. It does not make sense. I can't get up and speak to other people when I need to . Control. Those games are not working anymore. Next Sunday, if she is not ready to leave home at the right time. I am leaving without her. I am not going to be late again because of her game playing.


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