May 10, 2007

Sometimes You Have to do it Yourself

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Out of the need to have a job done the right way, Accounting Paradise was born. This was a company created specifically for small businesses that offered payroll and accounting services. If you business is new, you may want to start with quickbooks on line and as your business grows, then continue a bookkeeper in the same local as the business. The service is inexpensive so it will not crack the budget of a fledgling business. The reason why quickbooks help so much is because all the work is done remotely, which keeps cost down. They also have a payroll system in place that begins at only $6.00 per employee per month. It is full service as well encompassing direct deposit, year-end filings and w-2 forms. If you are a small business, instead of hiring another employee, consider Accounting Paradise. They are an asset to the small business owner.

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