May 10, 2007

Fighting Over Vivaldi?

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Who gets into a fight at the symphony? It is not like it was a truck rally and everyone is drinking beer! I can't believe it! Did one thing the note was allegro verses not? A whole and not a half? Bass clef and not treble? What could have resultedin a fight at the symphony?

Concert-goers, and even Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart, were caught off-guard when a fight broke out on opening night at usually sedate Symphony Hall.

Television video of the fight Wednesday night showed two men struggling in the balcony -- one with his shirt pulled off -- as several people stood around them.

Lockhart briefly halted the performance, which featured singer-songwriter Ben Folds, while the men were escorted out.


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