June 17, 2007

A Culinary Disaster

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

This is a culinary disaster not of own. I made a wonderful dinner on yesterday that would last about 3 days as leftovers. Barbequed chicken baked, rice and green beans. It only had 20 minutes more to cook and I had to leave to go out. I asked my mother to watch it for me and just to turn everything off at 5:20m. How hard is that? Not very. She did not have to watch anything, stir or check anything. Just turn everything off. It was all on low and at the end of cooking.

Well she did not do that. She let it burn up and when I got home this was waiting on me. Her note of explanation and the chicken. I know that this was done on purpose as she has done it before. This is just one of many times she has done this. Whenever I make something and ask her to turn it off she ruins it OR if I make something and it is done she will at times alter it in an effort she says to stretch it or improve it. It is just something to ruin whatever I make. She only does this when she is mad about something and the something is normally something most imaginary. It is nothing based in reality.

Am I cooking anything else today? Hell no. She is on her own for food. I will eat out by myself! A nice meal at a restaurant.


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