June 21, 2007

Who? What? Where?!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Who was spotted out showing their hoo-hoo to the public again? Who got into a girl fight with their best friend while shopping for shoes in Rodeo drive? Whose car did the paparazzi crash into on purpose today? If you have an inquiring miknd for celebrity gossip, then look no furthur than Celebrity Gossip. They have the scoop on all the hot girl and guy stars today! Did you know that Paris is sad and alone in the celebrity jail? Whaaaaaaah! Get over it Paris.

Celebrity Gossip has super sleuths compiling all the latest news and gossip on celebrities and then bringing it to us all in one place. We then have the chance to get the scoop, leave comments and vote as to how we like the gossip. You do have to register. It is free and it really is for entertainment purposes. They do the best to get the "skinny" in rumours and gossip as soon as they find it out.

It is all true? Some of it might be, but remember it is all for fun. Once you sign up you get 100 bonus points to be used in the future toward magazine subscriptions. If you get a friend to join, you gt even more bonus points. There are some rewards in spreading rumorsand talking about people behind their backs! So want to know what your latest star is doing? Check out Celebrity Gossip! They have the scoop!
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