June 21, 2007

Reno 911! Miami The Movie

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Reno 911! Miami The Movie is now out on DVD. Have you picked it up yet? Well you had better. You want to know what cops gone bad look like , just in case you need to help yourself. If you call for help and they come to your aid, you want to know that...really! Get ready to laugh your head off. The movie is centered around Reno and their crazy police department. They are called in to stop a terrorist attack during spring break that takes place at a national police convention in Miami. Can we say slap stick!

Reno 911! Miami The Movie
is put out by Fox and is based on the Comedy Central series. That I did not know as I have not seen any of Comedy Central. I am too busy watching sci-fi. On the website Fox has added 4 computer games related to the dvdthat are pretty cool. Check out the upper right hand corner and you can play too. I played Midnight Shootout because it looked like the easiest of all. Just point and shoot and try not to hit the civilians or the police officers. The game itself has 5 rounds with a different weapon each round. Here is my score and weapon per round:

  • .44 caliber S & W special 300 points
  • .357 magnum -100 points (that was a bad round)
  • desert eagle 650 points (I made up for that last round)
  • Ak-47 1000 points
  • Rocket Launcher 2500 points (I did not so good with the rockets. I burned the whole city)
My grand total was $4350. For a first time playing I think My score was pretty good. Play some games on the site then run out and get Reno 911! Miami The Movie. It just might be the perfect movie for a saturday movie night!

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