July 31, 2007

Can We Say Scared?

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Can We Say Scared? That is all that I am when it comes to goth. It is a world in which I only know of one person in my circle who is a member and I am scared of her. (Not really....but it is waaaaay scary!) Goth dating is the number one alternative dating community on the web. So if you are into goth there is a place just for fellow gothics to socialize and meet.

Joining is free and once you do join, you can then search through the thousands of profiles for the goth girls or gothic guys that strike your fancy or rather your dark side! There is a neat search feature on the right sidebar that will let you put in your criteria of who you are hoping to meet, hit the button and presto! numerous matches pop up. Finding gothic love could not be easier! So join and create a profile and get started looking for that dark angel tonight! It is free!


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