July 31, 2007


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Hearts and roses. Words of love known and things done to show love. Why is romanticism a by product of death? My parents had a toxic, unhealthty relationship. They both had issues of different types that made for a very odd couple. Very uphappy. Very turbulant with lots of yelling and verbal insults on behalf of my abusive mother.

My father died in December. Now she is romanticising all the things he did for her and is going around saying that he did all those things because he loved her. Sad really. Never having a good thing to say about him or do for him when he was alive. Niow suddenly, all actions are about love. It is utterly ridiculous.

She can name all the things he did for her as outpourings of love. In reality she was a bully and her word had to be headed and he was not strong enough to stand up to her, so all sorts of ridiculous requests were carried out. She cannot name one thing she ever did for him. That is what I sit in silence and want to say. What did you do for him? Name just one thing.

There would be nothing.


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