September 07, 2007

Junk Everywhere

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Let me tell you. My parents are hoarders. My father was a hoarder in the worst way. He never threw anything away. In the garage there are broken televisions from the 1960's. I had an umbrella with a duck head from 1987 that was broken. Back then I was living in another state and asked him to throw the umbrella away as it was broken then. I just found that umbrella about a month ago. My father had removed the broken nylon and just kept the duck head on the spindle. The garage itself used to have some order but things are in disarray now. Some of that was due to the fact that he could not keep the garage up anymore before he died in December. Things used to be in order when I was younger. Lots of things but in order. He build in some selves in that garage and the one attached to the house. I think that having some sort of cabinet would be beneficial for some of the things they have in both of those garages.

Storage Cabinets would be the way I would go if the garage was mine. I would throw out lots of stuff and then reorganize. My father has all sorts of tools and equipment for all sorts of stuff. Now since he has passed away, my mother wants me to try to clean it up and organize it. She really can't do it either. Storage cabinets would go a long way in making the garage more functional. We would be able to walk a clear path. Where would I go for them? I might just check out Car Guy Garage as they have over 1000 different products to help a junky garage. There are cabinets of every kind from stainless steal to metal and diamond plate.

We women would like that site. We would be able to put everything in its place. They even have bike racks and shelving units. For hanging tools there are pegboard panels. I know that I definitely need something like that. My father left tools all over. The tools alone will take about a month to go through. With time, the day will come when we will be able to open the garage door and leave it open. Now we can't do that. There is just so much stuff. Check out Car Guy Garage. With all the things needed to organize a garage, you will never have to be ashamed when the garage door opens.
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  1. im a hoarder too!
    i try to throw away stuff but some things are treasures that you just have to keep forever!

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