September 15, 2007

Time Keeps on Ticking Away

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Well today my Saturday was not my own. I had to take my mother out shopping. She was going to a birthday of a cousin of ours and only was going to get a hat. The party was themed. Everyone had to wear a dress hat. Well there is only one store near us that has the kind of hats she needed..Burlington's Coat Factory. Well, we had to go to the mall and stop at store after store and finally the entire day was wasted on just driving her around to window shop. We did not make it to the store for hats until 3:30. The party was at 6, so she had just enough time to get a hat and go home, rest for just a little while and then get ready. I had to take her to the party.

Well, my whole day was shot. I then spent the next 3 hours doing laundry. No time for me or to do anything that I wanted to do.

Well, a different cousin calls today wanting to know if we could come to their house for a picnic next Saturday. She called this morning. My mother asked if I had anything planned. I kind of did. There is a jazz festival coming that I was thinking of going to. My mother told her that I did not have anything really planned so we could go. Now after today. That will be changing. Next Saturday will belong to just me. the only planned thing I have to do is laundry.

Laundry is an issue because when my father died in December, I moved in with her in March. All of my worldly possessions are in storage. My washer and dryer are in storage. Since then mom's washer broke and she is refusing to let me bring my washer to her house. Why? She does not want me to use her electricity. From the very beginning she made up some rule that she did not want me to use her machine or dryer. She was afraid they would brake. Totally irrational and stupid. It is now broken because it is very very old. Apparently it was already broken and my father was patching it up and keeping it going. Now since he is gone, he is not here to patch it up. Her not wanting me to use the washer and dryer is just a control issue with her.

The thing is she has to take her own clothes to the laundry mat and she says that is fine with her. Well, since it takes now hours for me to do clothes, I do not have hours to give up to her or anyone else on a Saturday, unless I make that decision. Next Saturday..just for me. Will that cause a problem this week. Yes. I can already see the fights and chaos we will have this week. But that is okay. I just do not have the time to give up on a Saturday when 3 hours of it is already committed to spending unneeded time in a laundry mat.


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