September 28, 2007

Romance For Everyone

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They say that there is someone for everyone out there. I sure do hope that is true as I am still waiting for my prince to come. I am amazed that some people have no problem finding multiple partners to have really long term relationships with and I have yet to have one that lasts longer than a year or two. Sad really. And it is not me. Most of my relationships ended because the so called boyfriend was cheating. Only on one occasion do I recall "said boyfriend" wanting to get back together and of course that was not happening. You had a good thing and you lost it. There is no second chances with me when it comes to cheating.

I know there are many other people out there and some I even know, that will take that cheating spouse/boyfriend back. I lost all trust at that point so taking a second chance would be really hard to do. Going there again would really be something that take a very long time to do. I think that if you broke up and went right back, the issues that began it all in the first place have not been resolved. So, you might as well plan to break up again. A second chance at love or relationship really would take commitment and time to work through all the issues that were unresolved. Then the task of overcoming them would begin.

A break up is a very hard thing to survive. I remember crying rivers and screaming into my pillow daily. Mostly I remember crying for months. Normally I did not have too many girlfriends so often I did not have a good support network when I did have a breakup. Many times we had mutual friends together who had to pick and choose. That was hard too. I think that surviving the break up requires friends and family who are supportive, lots of chocolate and a very sharp pair of scissors. Well, you have to cut up every picture of "HIM" and you together! In addition, you might just have to get rid of all reminders. All those gifts and cards and stuffed animals for the bed. Trash! Every last one of them!

I always took the time after a bad breakup to reinvent me. I would be alone, swear off men and I always tried to do special things just for me. With time I would be alright! So will you. Just don't get crazy! All those fanatical things that some people do are just not worth it. Trust me, that man is just not worth it. Think about the NASA women astronaut who rode 900 miles in a diaper to go after the new girlfriend. Trust me, he was not worth giving up a career like that.

Check out the links in the paragraphs above. There are actually some very good tips for surviving a break up and even tips on how to give love a second chance. They say that there is someone for everyone. I sure do hope that is true...I AM still waiting for my prince to come.

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  1. They say that time heals all wounds but all it's done so far is give me more time to think about how much I miss you. ~
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