November 15, 2007


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I have recently gone crazy at Barnes and Noble. Book crazy. I love books and as soon as I see one that is interesting I have to have it! I just bought The Secret and the cd series called the Power of Intention. To keep me from going stupid crazy I did go to the library and check out a few of the newer books that I did not necessarily want to buy. Garden Spells for one. I did not get to finish reading it before it had to be turned back in. The same thing happened with Lisey's Story. I will have to get that one again. It was muy bien! Books are now stacking up. I have more than I could ever read and they are stacked in my room looming in front of me always. What else could I ha ve spent that money on? A bill? Gas? Nothing takes the place of a book.


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