March 03, 2008

Pondering Life

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Why is it that it seems that some bad people have lots of great things happening for them? I see that in the world and wonder at times where the fairness is. Then I see lots of bad things happening to innocent people and again wonder where the fairness is, in that. This wide world is a weird place. Me? Somewhere in the middle wondering why this and that happens to me and I am a good person. I help people. I give to charity, the homeless, goodwill, friends who call me in need. Still not so good things happen to me. I want to be one of the ones that have all sorts of things go great...for a very long time. I wonder if that time will ever come. I sure hope so, because I want to experience easy life for while before I get to old to enjoy it.


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