June 26, 2008

Vicious Grasshopper!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Whoever said grasshoppers were harmless? Are not they the cousin to the locust? Last night about 9pm I was coming home and I approached the side door off the garage. There was a bright green, really pretty grasshopper on the door. If I put in my key I was afraid it would hop on me. I am not afraid of the grass hopper like I am of the killer praying mantis. Just the same, I did not want it too close to me.

I raised the Art of War and waved it near the grasshoppser hoping it would hopaway to some other place. It did. It hopped to the opposite wall next to the door. I waited about 10 seconds and it was very still. I did not move. It was now to my right and I would have no problems getting the key in the lock. I made a step forward and all of a sudden, it leaped, with fangs outstretched toward my face into my face and hit me in the bottom lip. It clung to my lip and I began to jump and flail my arms and made movements toward my lip. fiannly it let go and off it flew to parts unknown. Grasshoppers harmless my eye! They are the distant cousin to the mantis. I should have know better. Next time, no waving of the book. It will be smashing of the book on its lime green body!


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