July 23, 2008

Death. Surprise!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I just found out that one of my best friends from high school has died. He died last December in a freak fall down a flight of stairs. I hate I missed the funeral. I have since found out that friends were trying to reach me and did not know where I was. I was right in the same town we all have been in. Funny how time slips away and that you can still be in the same town with the same people you go to school with and never see them.

I think back now on the times we had with him. He was the crazy ecentric type, wild. And we even think he took an alternative lifestyle after leaving the private catholic schools we all went to. Later on he had some sort of meltdown and ended up being disabled in some way. He never worked as an adult and when I was working with social services, I saw his name in a coworkers case load. We had lost contact then. Not because I wanted it. He did. I tried to keep in contact but he was not the same, not interested and that in some ways that hurt. But I respected his wishes and kept my distance. He was not the same. The few times I spoke to him he seemed not quite mentally stable. He was disable in some mental capacity.

I heard that his ashes were sprinkled at the beach he loved to go to. I was thinking back to some object or thing I may still have that he had given me. I do not have any sort of tangible object. I might have a cd.....where I do not know. Packed away in storage. What he gave me that will never to away are the memories. Memories of fun and dancing the nights away when disco was in. We were of the disco era. Memories of going out weekends in highschool and my freshman year in college as a group. We were always in a group. I do have my highschool yearbooks. He signed them. I still have those fond and old memories.

He is gone. Death. It was a surprise. Why did it have to be a freak fall at 47 years of age?


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