July 23, 2008

They Scatter Like Roaches

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Let a difficult time come or be in need of help. That is when you really see what people are made of. I was mentioning to a friend of mine that I was really wanting to move out into my own place again. Mom has recovered and is pretty much over the greiving of my father who died in 1996. I was actually talking to Mr. You are blowing your chance. Just talk. He called wanting to go out on a date. I told him that now was not the time. I was thinking about change and transitions and that I had been looking at places to live.

I mentioned that the price of places to rent was close to mortgage payments where I am and that I needed a big down payment to move out. All of a sudden he had to go....very quickly. I was not asking him for anything. Had not really thought about it. I was just telling him my situation. He then said, "well, I have to go. You let me know how that turns out." I told him I would. Then at the very last second, he said that if I needed any help financially to let him know. That was thrown in and of course he did not mean it. I told him I would and then he hungup.

Well. What a way to treat your future wife! NOT! See what I mean? They scatter like roaches if they think you might be in need. I am in need. I was not going to ask because I would feel indebted and might feel pressured to go out with him if he did in some way help me. Good thing I am seeing this now. I had been considering maybe..maybe...maybe going out with him in the future. Not anymore. Funny thing is, I thing he realizes how he came across. He has been calling me nonstop today and leaving messages that he is so worried about me. I have not answered a single one of his calls. I don't plan to. Maybe I will talk to him in a week or so or three when I decide exactly what I want to do. It sure will not involve him.

They scatter like roaches. Yep...he has blown his chance.


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