July 08, 2008

Home is Where the Heart Is

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Home. It really is where the heart is. My father died in December of 2006. Three days before Christmas. My mother insisted that I move in with her to take care of her. I did. What does a daughter do for her mother who has just lost her husband of 47 years? The one who treated her like a princess and did everything for her? You move in to take care of your 70 year old mother. It was the "right" thing to do.

It has been a living hell since we have been there. She is a toxic personality and she has several personality disorders on top of that. Seriously. No joke. She has always been bad but I thought that after all these years, she may have mellowed. Hell no! She is totally evil! Home with her is not home. She even says we are only guests in her home.

A friend of mine told me that althought I moved in to help her, I may not be the one to do that. She is right. All the things I thought I would be helping her with she has called in complete strangers to do...like move out all my fathers things. She did not even ask me if I could have one article of his clothes. They are all gone.

I have begun to look for an apartment. I have to move and in fact she is now asking me to move. She now wants to live by herself and claims all sorts of things....like I am trying to steal her house. How is really beyond me. I am planning to be out by mid august. Then I WILL have a home again.


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