July 16, 2008

You Are Blowing Your Chance...

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

You are blowing your chance. Chance at what? Chance to be the next Mrs. Kennedy. I have a friend and his last name is Kennedy. I have not literally seen him in 17 years. We have kept in touch by phone for the last 17 years. We dated for about a year about 18 years ago. Well, he is now getting a divorce from his wife and it will be final in September of this year. He has been making motions that he wants to see me. I simply can't seem to go there. I was not very responsive to his many requests to go to dinner or meet him. We live far away from each other. He had the nerve to text me...."you are blowing your chance."

Can we say livid. How presumptuous, that I would just jump at the chance to be his next wife. He is a catch. He has a good job, lots of money, several homes, cars-nice ones. When we were dating 18 years ago, he was separated from his wife then and he then got back with her. So it ended. At that time I was too sorry that I did not know him first. He was my dream husband. But it was only a dream. I think somehow he knew that I really thought a great deal of him then. I wonder if he still thinks that. I always have thought a great deal about him off and on throughout the years. Now that text...."you are blowing your chance." That has unnerved me. I think he has just blown his chance!


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