July 07, 2008

Indian Man Kills Black Daughter in Law

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When I read the story below, I was appalled for two main reasons. One, the level of racism. Indian people I know have that caste system in place and on many occassions have killed many women because they were not of the right cast or just for being a woman. Don't they burn them over there. So, I would be very careful about dating someone who was from India. I REALLY would have to see what the parents were like. I know it seems to be a cultural thing, but this seemed racist to me. She was black and that was why she was killed.

The other thing is that doesn't he realize he is black too...straighter hair but still black. White America does not like him any more than Black Americans or Hispanics or Asians or anyone else how is not caucasian. Not only do Blacks in this country have to deal with the still ever present racism of white America, now there are the other populations that are coming into this country. Racism toward black Americans is flowing from them as well.

A native of India who became a prominent businessman in the United States
was found guilty of murder last week for hiring hit-men to kill his
daughter-in-law because she was Black.
A jury in Fulton County, Georgia was
convinced by prosecution arguments that 69-year-old Chiman Rai was so angered by
his son marrying an African American woman that he hired hit-men to kill her.
Twenty-two year-old Sparkle Michelle Rai was found strangled and stabbed
more than a dozen times eight years ago. The senior Rai immigrated to the United
States in 1970 and for a while taught math at Mississippi’s predominantly Black
Alcorn State University.
The prosecutors said they would seek the death
penalty in the case and the jury rendered a death sentence the day after finding
Rai guilty.
The case was broken when a young woman was arrested on another
charge and tried to improve her situation by helping police solve a crime she
said she witnessed several years before. The crime was the stabbing of Sparkle
Michelle Rai.


  1. i'm sorry but i'm going to have to greatly disagree with you on some of your points. the guy isn't black. black is a term that has two different meanings: 1) the color of skin 2) an ethnic group of african origin. in the united states we say black to mean someone of african origin who's ancestry has connection to the days of slavery. the indian man is not black--he's indian.

    also, you're canadian. american whites do differentiate between asians, hispanics, indians, and blacks to the best of their abilities. perhaps not in canada, but america is not canada. thank you.

  2. How do you know "white america" dislikes Indians? I have news for you, "white america" is comprised of INDIVIDUAlS, not a homogenous group of racists. I think the author of this article is the racist one. Asshole.