August 10, 2008

Bernie Mack Dies at 50

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

What a shocker. I just cannot believe that Bernie Mack is gone. I have watched his show and just loved it. It will be a sad day in the comedy world for a long time. Bernie Mack was the man! He was one of the original Kings of Comedy. After reading many articles on line, I saw where he had sarcoidosis. This is an inflammation disease that can pop up anywhere in the body. My mother has it. She has had it for a while now. She had had flare ups in her throat and face. He face got lumpy with little cysts bursting through the skin and her throat was so swollen that she thought she had bad tonsils. She is okay for now. She was very scared today when she she saw he had what she has. will be missed by he world. My condolences to your family.


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