August 14, 2008

40-itis Eyes

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When I reached my early 40's things began to happen physically. Suddenly. I noticed all sorts of changes, especially with my eyes. My eye doctor called it 40-itis. He said that when everyone hits their 40's, 40-itis takes over and it had taken over my eyes. Suddenly for the very first time I needed glasses. That was 8 years ago when I got my first pair. Every two years since I have gotten a new pair. The prescription has not changed much but the styles sure have. It has been about 3 years since I got a new pair and it is time for a new pair as well as an exam.

My job has changed and so has the health coverage as it relates to eye wear. Now I need to find some nice, but affordable eyewear. Where do you turn for glasses? Well there are lots of places to investigate and I found that Zenni Optical was a good place to start to look for new eyeglasses. I wear bifocals, no line and they took awhile to get used to in the beginning. After checking out the site, I was impressed with what was there. The prices are economical with some glasses starting out at a cost of $8.00. Who can beat that? There is a great selection of frames to choose from. So many it will take a while to look at them all.

There is a health care crisis going on now and with so many people not having access to various kinds of care that they need, Zenni Optical is one place that can help. The "underinsured", the elderly and just anyone on a budget would benefit from checking out the prices. After looking thru the styles I found these that I like very much and they are only $29.95.

You have many other options as well like prescription or not, tinted, progressive, bifocals and more. The prices are economical because there is not a middle man. The company works directly with the manufacturers to offer their own brand of glasses. Offering quality products at great prices is what Zenni is all about. They were even recommended by The Clark Howard Show, so be sure to check that out as well. So, if 40-itish is upon you and you are in need of fashionable but affordable eye wear, check out Zenni Optical. They may have some options for you.



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