August 25, 2008

Christmas IS Coming!

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I have been in several stores recently and since July I have seen Halloween decorations out. In August the Christmas ornaments and decorations have been out. I think that in recent years it has become common place for Halloween and Christmas "retail thoughts" to be placed in the forefront of our minds as early as July. Seems a bit early, but that is the way of our retail economy these days. For me the shopping season really does not begin until the day after Thanksgiving....Black Friday. In past years I have been that shopper who arrived at the mall at 4:00 AM with my lawn chair and thermos of coffee. That was great fun! Last Thanksgiving, I was in the great throng of people at one of my local outlet malls that opened at midnight, Thanskgiving night. It was me and about 3,000 other people standing in line at the Coach store for an hour in line, just to get at those sales. That was great fun too.

It has not always been great fun shopping in the rush and crowds on Black Friday. I do recall a few years when I was not into shopping at all. What will black friday 2008 be for me? I plan to be out there this year with lawn chair and coffee! If you are not into all that shopping frenzy, there is now a way to avoid all the hassle and shop from home with just a click of your mouse. You will still be able to get the deals without going to the malls. How? IBlackFriday. They actually have the ads and deals from the retail stores posted on line before anyone else, so you get the benefit of the special deals, just like everyone else. They even have exclusive online coupons that will allow for bigger savings via

I am a big fan of Costco. They are just one of the many merchants with a listing of all the specials that will be available on Black Friday 2008. Just look at the specials coming up for this year. Be sure to check out the coupon tab as well. There are special percentage off coupons that will make your dollar stretch just a little furthur this year. Yeah! I am getting ready. I might just do some online shopping myself this year. I could do both. If my online savings will be greater that stalking out stores in the mall, I know what I will have to do. Christmas IS coming! So get ready....pack that lawn chair and thermos of coffee in the car. 5 AM on Black Friday is just around the corner. If your alarm does not go have not missed out. Just log on and shop till you drop on IBlackFriday. There are great deals to be had there as well.



  1. Christmas is coming and I have decided to shop online.

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