August 24, 2008

Close to Home

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I was listening to the news tonight and I heard some alarming news about a business about 5 minutes away from me, right near our local mall. There is a woman, from Romania or Bulgaria or Hungary or some place near those countries who has had a business as a fortune teller about 5 minutes away near our local mall. Apparently 2 males went into her business about 8:30 Saturday night demanding money. The woman resisted and was shot in the face. No word on if she lived or died. The 2 men got away.

Now, I do not know this woman personally. I just know of her. I used to work at the mall back in 1994-1996 and that was when I became aware of who she was. I worked in the fragrance and cosmetic section and she was always in there shopping and RETURNING many things she bought. She was scary and looked like a gypsy...dark clothes, accent and very mysterious. When ever she came to my counter, I helped her but I was always wigged out by her. I think she knew it because she always gave me very strange looks. By strange looks I mean STRANGE!!!

She would complete her shopping and leave by the mall entrance. When she got about 2 stores away she would stop in her tracks, turn around and look at me. It was weird because I may have been with another customer, cleaning, whatever...I would just have the urge to look up and out into the mall and she would be there, standing, looking straight at me. FREAKY! Since that time I have seen her on and off in the malls or the grocery store or the outlet stores. I would go the other way. She still freaked me out after all this time.

I just saw her twice this week. I saw her in the grocery store on Monday night and on Wednesday I saw her shopping in the outlet store standing within 2 feet of me. Now I hear this tonight and it is alarming. I hope she will be alright. Given my interaction with her in the past during returns when I was working in the mall in the 1990's, I can see her resisting. These days with kids, it is not the best option. They have no regard for life. I live in the suburbs and where her business and home was is also in the suburbs in a nice area. The mall is in a nice area also, so this is crime that is too close to home.

The problem is that people from the poorest parts of town have discovered this area of the suburbs. They have discovered the mall that for the most part was tucked away, safe in the suburbs. Some of them have actually moved here due to the addition of free housing now allowed in some apartment complexes. Crime is creeping into my neck of the woods.


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