August 17, 2008

Financial Pickles

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Many, many years ago when I was very young and in my first year of college, I got my very first checking account and a cedit card. In my family money matters were always a secret. Why? I could never understand. We were the average middle class family who lived in the suburbs. So, I do not to this day understand why my mother acted like we were people with so much money that it was a secret and we could not talk about it. If I tried to bring things up about money and finances, I was told that it was none of my business. You can imagine what I learned about money and how to manage it....Absolutely NOTHING from my parents. So starting out I had lots of problems, floundering and trying to figure it all out. Balancing a checkbook and having enough money to pay the credit card was some mystical mystery that I could never figure out. It was very frustrating.

I remember that first year, when there was no more money in my account and things were bouncing, I went to my father for Credit card debt help and figuring out how to really balance my checkbook. I was never sure what was in the account. He finally sat down with me and showed me how to balance it. Once. Soon after that I forgot to write 2 checks down, they bounced and I was in the same mess again. I got behind in those card payments and at a very young age my credit was not so good. I eventually got things in line. I did a hand written budget and wrote down every penny that I spent.

This of course was way before Al Gore discovered the internet so there was no on line help like that at I looked over the site and it is the place to start if you are overwhelmed by your current or even past financial pickle. It will not get any better unless you do something about it. The bills will not go away! There you can explore your options, establish and plan and then begin to pay your creditors. The site is even a wealth of information as they have information on mortgages, insurance, credit and loans.

They can even help you decide the best option for repaying your debt. Whether it be credit couseling, debt consolidation or a settlement, can help you get out the mess you are in. They can help. Check out the testimonials. It is a site designed for help us learn about finances and making them better. So check out the site. It will be to your betterment. Financial stress is the worst stress to have. Do something to get rid of it. wil help you get rid of your financial pickle.



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