December 03, 2008

Morning Stress

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Stress is not how one is supposed to start the day. It all began when I went outside and saw all the frost on the car. I had allotted myself just about the exact time to the second to get to work. That was until I saw the frost. I would have to scrape!!! That will eat into my time. And could I even find the scraper? NO!!!! I had seen that thing on and off all summer. Now it was no where to be found from the trunk to the floors to the side door pockets. No scraper. Well. Where was the purse? Heaved over into the back seat. After fishing it out I found a credit card to use as a scraper. I scraped just enought to see and got in the car and flew down the road. I lost five minutes so I arrived five minutes 8:35. My saving grace? My supervisor arrived at 8:45. She was late so all my pounding on the locked door did not good. Noone was in any of the other departments to let me in. So I was first. I arrived on time at 8:30 AM and am currently snubbing my nose at everyone else. Yes, the ice scraping gods answered my prayers today!


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