December 07, 2008

Web Hosting Geeks!

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I have always been pretty happy with my blogger blogs, but they do have some limitations. I have toyed with the idea of paying to have my blog hosted so I could actually have my own domain name. There are so many hosting companies to choose from it is hard to determine who has the best options, price and services. I did take a gander at Web Hosting Geeks. They have quite a few web host options.

The best thing of all is the compilation of the top ten web hosting companies that will allow you to compare prices and services. Most of them are very economical. Their cost is under $10 per month and include at least one free domain name. If after the first 30 days you are not happy, you can get a refund of your monies. For me, since I will need a little instruction in understanding how the hosting works, a quick look at the Web hosting instruction page offers a wealth of information for the person seeking web hosting for the first time. That link is not the only resource. There are lots of links providing information and education about choosing the best web hosting site. I think this is a good deal too good to let slip by.

Another great feature of the site are the reviews. They are independent--totally done by users and they have the good, the bad and the ugly posted in regard to services and the different companies. I still have my homework cut out for me. I need to read and do the comparisons and then make the decision as to what web hosting company I may use. Listed are the ten top companies as well as the ten last reviews done by users.

My site just needs a little sprucing up and having it hosted will definitely be to my advantage. If you are in the market for hosting your own site, please check out Web Hosting Geeks. They have the information needed to help you make the right decision about web hosting.



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