October 29, 2010


Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Definition: GENEROUS--willing to give money, help, or time freely.

I have come to really thing about this word recently. I had an encounter with a family member who told me there were generous and when they died, God would look at all the things they did and KNOW that they were generous and that would get them into heaven.

I beg to differ because the meaning of the word GENEROUS means willing to give money or help or time freely. To me the key words are willing and freely. If you have to go to this party for help you MAY get it but it is not willing or freely. It is given in such a way that everyone just dreads to even approach this person for any kind of help. You have to give up a pound of flesh in order to get that help.

Lectures and criticism and critiques of your life no matter how offbase and wrong will be given and finally after about 45 minutes of verbal torture and a lecture on how generous they are at th end, the help is given. That is not generous. Not once has the word or the tone been, you need help? What do you need? Okay here it is. Then silence. No. Generous the party is not and the fact that they think that they are is totally delusional! I think that someone needs to take a gander at the dictionary!


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