November 05, 2010

Jalopy Down!

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

It is a very bad and inconvenient thing to have a broken car. Mine has been out of commission since yesterday and acting under the weather for 3 days prior. Now I have gotten a ride to work very early. I am at the mercy of the schedule of others. I am grateful I have a ride. I just do not have a ride home today. So that is what I must work on. I know my car is getting old. That is what my mechanic says. It is a 2002 model. But I had hoped to keep it running on a little longer. I am grateful to have his as well. He is the one that can keep it running. I need to get it fixed by the weekend so that I can have it back by Monday.

Into every life a little rain must and does fall. My car now is a small economy car but one day I will have my dream car. It is not even a very expensive car but one that I have always wanted. It is the Landrover! I want a Landrover! That is my dream car! One day....I keep wishing!


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