November 06, 2010

TV at the Eats!

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Whenever Iam at home it seems like the tv is on. Even at times when we are having dinner. On the weekends we even eat dinner in front of the tv. Just more casual on the weekends. It is not ALWAYS on but it is on alot. We do listen to music quite often as well. When we eat out, most of the time it is not at a place where there is a tv in the restaurant. I have always wondered about that. There is tv in my local Applebees and we may go there about 4 times a year.

When I go there are about 4 tv's there all on different channels. Of couse with the noise of people talking and dishes clacking you cannot hear. Plus can you imagine? 4 tv's going would be a din of sound! This is simply direct sat commercial direct tv. The captions are normally on so we can read what is happening on the shows. Normally three are sports and 1 is on a channel like E! Luckily I have always been seated near that one and not the sports ones. Direct sat commercial direct tv adds to the atmosphere of the place. In addition to that if there is along wait for food, we have something to watch. We can watch tv, talk to our friends, watch some more and before you know it we do not know how long the wait is. Time is passing and instead of angry patrons, we have something to help us pass the time. I cannot imagine that it is very expensive as Direct TV has affordable pricing that will accomodate the budgets of small as well as big businesses.

I do see the marketing benefits of having commercial satellite tv. Just think. When the big sports events are happening like the Superbowl or the World Series, bars and restaurants can become the "place to go" if they order up stations like the NFL Sunday ticket, the NBA League Pass and the MLB Extra Innings. I am sure there is opportunities for golfing events also. Of course to qualify no admission could be charged and the main source of revenue for the bar would have to be the food and drink.

Dish business is a growing as there are many appications from bars to hotels to doctor offices and lobbys of all types. There is even digital signage as well as other business offerings. So if you have a business and need something to add to the atmosphere and/or keep patrols occupied or need tv for that special event, consider commercial satellite tv. Competitive prices, quality service and dedicated satellites are offered to meet all your commercial satellite tv needs.


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