November 06, 2010

Why we can't kill bedbugs

Why we can't kill bedbugs is really an enlightenting story! It seems these things are immortal and can live for years without dying. I knock on wood have never encountered any and I hope I never do. I wonder if just because I voice this I jinx myself! I have traveled all over the states and all over the world and overseas have stayed in places with no running water while on mission trips. The beds and accomodations were sketchy! So far nothing.

Just hearing about then infiltrating the US hotels and homes is scary. They look ugly too. Wonder why they look like little roaches. You know I have heard a few of my friends say that if there ever is a nuclear war the roaches would survive. I think I would have to add bedbugs to that list! YIKES!

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.


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