February 05, 2011

Total Production

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You know it is very funny that this is a post for me to research and write about! I have been looking for a way to get into voice over work. I have a great voice. I really do. Smooth and very articulate! Everyone thinks and tells me that I should be on TV or radio due to my voice. I just want a way to break in! What a find to come across Studio Center! It is the fast growing production company of its kind in the country! They actually have clients in all 50 states and even in other countries around the world. They have worked on some of the biggest award shows we have today in the entertainment industry.

One of the areas they work in is in video production. They really do total production and are not limited to just voice. They have a team of people who can handle video editing and post production facilities that can easily handle TV commercials, corporate videos and even movies. Music production is another facet of the production world that Studio Center deals with. I think that music makes the world go round. I cannot tell you how many soundtrack CD's I have purchased after seeing a movie. Music in a movie or a commercial is key to brand recognition. Studio Center can help compose original music for a jingle or a movie that will have the emotion impact needed to make an impression on your client or target population.

Next is my favorite are....voice work. Not only do they work on radio spots but they also do audio production. Radio spots are just the tip of the iceberg. Studio Center does work on audio books, soundtracks, post audio production work for movies and even narrations. If you are in need of a voice actor, Studio Center will be your one stop shop for it. They have a complete inventory of voices ranging from sexy, adults, kids and mature to animated, announcing and foreign voices! Everything in once place!

Finding voice actors is easy too! Their website has an easy to use page to find the exact voice you are looking for. You can search by word or being more specific with filters--like male, female and the typecast you need. To assist with casting you can do an online search and even listen to demo voices. In some cases you can even request a live on the phone audition. There are even opportunities open for anyone to audition to become a voice talent. The only thing is you do have to live within 45 miles of their studios. Bummer for me!

Just having the talent is once part of what Studio Center does. They are able to come in and act as your video production company on sets. If you need it they can supply you with directors, editors, grippes, producers and even tele prompters. In order to provide the best service to their clients they have over 700 full and part time employees who strive to make your experience great! They are focused on delivering the perfect production product. They even go so far as to have the motto of : "Strive for perfection, settle for excellence!"


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