March 24, 2011

Blue Sky

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings. Last summer my child began a part time job at the local vet clinic after school and she had to wear scrubs to work. So, suddenly we were in the market for medical uniforms . She was very excited as we went looking. There were not a lot of options. We had several full price uniform shops that were kind of pricey and had lots of brand names. I wanted to find a local outlet store and finally found the one in our area. They did have lots of uniforms of varying prices and some were even designer. After about four hours of looking and trying on we did finally purchase 4 complete uniforms for her. I did not even think to try anything online. Little did I know that Blue Sky had nursing scrubs on sale! They have scrubs for every size and in just about every color that a person, provider or a hospital could need. The thing that sets these scrubs apart from all others is the styling. The tops are tapered so they are not baggy or boxy. The pants have two rear pockets that complete the design. The fit is slimming and compliments every figure. So... gone are the days of the nurse or medical person in a stark white uniform. They even have all the accessories like scrub hats, jackets and lab coats. They even have sales so I know they have affordable, cheap scrub uniforms. Yeah! It has been 6 months since my child began to work and those original scrubs are looking a little faded and worn. Blue Sky Scrubs is not just limited to women. They have a complete collection for men and even children. Something also great is the free shipping for orders of $155.00 or more. There is free returns and exchanges on all orders as well. What more could you ask for? So if you are in the market for scrubs be sure to check out Blue Sky Scrubs. I had a chance to read how the company began and it has an interesting story. The line was developed by a young woman who wanted something practical yet fashionable to wear as to scrub hats. From something so small, the company is now selling products on a global level. I am going to be showing these links to my daughter. I know she will be glad to order some new scrubs for work very soon!


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