June 23, 2011

A Night Out

The last time I recall going to an actual concert was several years ago and it was to see Yanni Live at my local coliseum. It was a fantastic concert and one that my child's teacher recommended that the entire class go to see. She was able to get some extra credit if she did. It was a fabulous concert. Yanni...who I love was just wonderful. In addition he wore those uber-sexy black leather pants!! I was in love. Yeah I know..Yanni. That long hair and those pants did it for me.

I often go to the Spoleto Festival and other performances that are held in my town each year and normally I ALWAYS get the highest priced tickets because I want to be right up front, in a good seat and with an excellent view. In addition I normally have my child with me and I want her to be able to have a memorable experience. so normally price is no object. I have paid up to $150 apiece for a ticket.

Times have changed and the economy has put a damper on my luxury spending. I still go to performances but I do look for the bargain...great price and with a great seat. There are many to find and it does not have to be at the most highest ticket prices for a particular show. Thank goodness for A Cheap Seat.com. They are a site that provides premium seating without a wait at a variety of prices. They even allow access to seats that normally do not become available to the general public. Sweet! For example, Taylor Swift Tickets and Katie Perry Tickets are available for their upcoming concerts in June and July of this year. The site is user friendly. Select the venue you want and available seats and prices come up. Select the tickets you want and pay with credit card. No waiting and with the ease of being at home.

It works the same for the theater. Jersey Boy Tickets can also be obtained via A Cheap Seat. Because A Cheap Seat is a professional ticket broker, they are able to negotiate premium seats at great prices. Those great savings are passed on to us which creates loyal, repeat customers. These tickets can be purchased on line or via phone where a professional agent will take care of your ticket needs.

In the event that you want to attend a show that may be sold out, like the Bon Jovi Tickets , you can complete an event notification request form and when more tickets become available, you will be notified by email so that you can make a purchase. Backstreet Boys Tickets are still available for the upcoming tour dates. A Cheap Seat is the way to go. With personalized service form their sale agents, you are given choices of varying seating and prices.

In some cases events can cell out in a matter of minutes and with this site you will have a chance to get premium tickets. In the case of some sporting events the only way to get tickets is via a ticket broker as they never to on sale to the public. The site is available Monday- Friday, a half day on Saturday and closed on Sunday. For the hottest shows on broadway, the most exciting sporting events and concerts, A Cheap Seat is the way to go! They offer variety in seating and pricing!


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