July 12, 2011

Whose Cat Is It?

My daughter was given a cat for her graduation. A gift from her employer...a veterinarian office. She came with gifts and lots of free things to get her started expense free. Well, animals are fickle creatures. She seems to be a bit more taken with me than with my daughter. It is only because I am at home with the car more. She likes to follow people everywhere and generally walks all over me. You know how animals tend to take over your life and home within a few days.

Well, now my child has declared her as mine and now she wants a dog. One free pet is enough. I made her turn down eight prior animals...both cats and dogs alike. This sweet cat was a surprise! I guess her co-workers knew that would be the only way it would come home.

I do not regret her at all. She was a stray and would have been put to sleep. So we saved a life. All prior animals we have had over the years have been shelter animals as well. So we now have a cat which I believe will end up being mine. So, again I ask....whose cat is it?


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