September 23, 2011

Fall is Here!

Fall is in the air. Where I am the weather is still pretty tropical. It is that way in the sunny south for a long time after fall has arrived. But we do have some cold weather and I look forward to that. I look forward to bundling up in sweaters and coats and even fur! I am a fur person. I love fur and have some. The sad thing is, where I am it does not get cold enough very often for me to wear it. Regardless, I still wear it. When I feel it is cold enough, on it goes. I know it is not a popular thing to wear but my thoughts are, the fur I have was long dead before I bought it. The furs I have are vintage. I bought them on the secondary market...not new. Well, except for a fox fur cape I bought back in 1989.

I had the chance to visit Chicago years ago, twice, when I was sent there for a training seminar with a former job. We were there in the dead of winter...January...who knew it could ever be so cold. I saw people wearing fur on the streets of Chicago EVERY SINGLE DAY. I was in heaven! There were furs in all the stores and fur shops everywhere. I was in heaven just looking! Those days of having fur shops in multitude don't exist here in the sunny south. A few of the department stores will have a fur sale in our local malls. I have checked those out. They have some nice things but very pricey for our area. I guess they are very high priced because the demand here is small.

What is amazing is that you can find fur shopping available on line now. Back in the 80's that was not possible. Check out Marks-Lloyds Furs. They have been around since 1951 and have styles available in classic lines as well as more contemporary lines. Look at these fur vests for sale . I just love the motorcycle black fox vest as well as the bordeaux sheared beaver vest. I do not have a fur vest. My furs are more classic. These vests would go extremely well with casual wear, weather it be pants or skirts. They would even add some flash and style to simple pants or skirts!

Marks-Lloyds, located in Colorado, has a wide array of fur vests , coats, parkas and even accessories to choose from. Furs range from fox and mink to sable and chinchilla. Beaver and shearlings are also available. They have buyers that obtain selective merchandise from all over the world in order to bring fashionable furs to the consumer twenty four hours a day via on line shopping.

The autumn leaves will soon be falling and the time to consider fur is now! If you are in the local Colorado area at their store, you will be able to find fur jackets for sale right now. They are having a sidewalk sale with some items being offered at 50% off. I have always liked being able to try something on in person. That is always nice! To feel that luxurious fur!

The service does not stop at the sale either. They offer storage and repair in case something happens to your fur. They even offer refurbishing and restyling. So, if you are far away from any type of local fur retainer based on your geographical location, consider shopping on line with Marks-Lloyds. If you have an old fur they even accept trade-ins that can be used as a credit toward a new fur. It will be evaluated and a value will be assessed. That old fur might be a handsome down payment on something new.

Fur! Nothing feels like REAL fur! Nothing wears like it either. This love of mine is not going to go away. I think I will be looking at some of my older furs. I might have to trade in for something new! It has been awhile.


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