September 23, 2011

Left Upward Turn

I wonder why the world goes round when some go round they are on the bottom. I think that at times we are all on the bottom spoke as the wheel turns. I feel that is where I am now. I have been there for about a year. I am waiting for the wheel to begin that left upward turn. Any time now would be good! I am so ready. My motivation is lagging some. I enthusiasm with life is waning a little. I am tired.

With our economy in such a sad state I think the turn will be slow. My hope is that I have been on the down spoke for awhile so it must be my turn to make that left upward turn soon. I just have too. I am doing all I can to MAKE it turn but it is draining me of all energy. Some days I have to give up and refuel. I feel a little energized today. I hope it lasts for the rest of the day. I would like to get some things done!

I need that left upward turn for my family as well. We are slowly going under, one less dollar at a time. I can see why criminals think of crime and the easy way to get money. That risk seems like an easy one when your back is up against the wall. The bad thing is the punishment is not worth that insane risk!

So I struggle on. It is the only thing to do. Keep positive that the wheel will make that left upward turn and I will be on top again. Hope. It is all I have.


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