September 16, 2011

Fall is in the Air

Woke up this morning and it was a blustery morning. The wind was blowing, the trees were swaying and it was raining as well. The weather was no longer sweltering. Here in the very tropical south, the weather is warm and even hot into October. Today was the first day that it felt like fall was in the air. It may be short lived as tomorrow it could be back up to 98 degrees, but I will enjoy today.

The sun has finally come up and it is still breezy and cool. My outlook has not changed all that much. I am grateful for today,but still searching for my way. I know the God has a plan for me, I just do not know what it is right now. I keep trying to find it. Maybe I am trying too hard. Maybe I need to sit back for just a minute and wait to see if it will be revealed.

I have not felt this disjointed since I do not know when. Maybe back in my late 20's when I had a career change. Then I was able to take a cruise, clear my head and come back with renewed vigor and vim. I did choose a new path then.

Now stress seems to lead the way. No cruise now. I look for a little peace in the little things. Like a day at the beach and working out. That helps. I pray that my way will be soon revealed. I know that now I am doing what I need to be doing. Being there for my child. Soon I will need to shift the focus to me.

For now I sway in the wind. I go where the wind blows me. I bend and am as supple as new shoots of grass. Fall is in the air and soon the set in for the winter needs to happen. Nothing is stored for the winter. Nothing is in the larder now. All seems to come when it should. When things are needed they are there. So far there is nothing that has been for want. The universe knows and fills in what is needed.

Fall is in the air. The wind is blowing. The trees are bending and so am I.


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