February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston

I know that I may be in the minority with this but I used to be a Whitney Houston basher.   For years.  When she first came on the scene I liked a few of her songs but I could not stand her.  There was something about her that was just so ghetto, it disgusted me.  I saw her in a documentary with Bobby Brown and she was talking about "her Bobby" over and over and that sealed the deal for me.  I really did not like Whitney Houston.  But that was not all.

I saw her give an interview with a reporter and if I had any doubts they all evaporated them.  She did not give a good interviews.  She had extremely bad diction and came across like she could not put two sentences together. That whole crack is whack thing did not help her at all.   I did see her movie the BodyGuard  but I was not impressed.  Not at all and I was shocked that her leading man was who it was.  He had reached a new low with Whitney Houston.

As the years progressed and she and Bobby got weirder and druggier....it just seemed like that was on course for the type of people they were.  That weird pilgrimage to some hoodoo doctor overseas did not help me either in changing my opinion of her.

Then Waiting to Exhale came out and I did see her in a different light.  She had become more articulate with years as far as interviews and that movie was one that I did enjoy.  My opinion of her changed and my dislike was replaced with indifference mixed with pity.  She was on drugs and seemed unable to get off.  That was now quite a different thing.  She was very troubled for so many years.

Now that she has died, I am sorry that she was unable to get over that drug addiction for herself and her family.  Look what it did.  It took away her lovely voice.  She did have a beautiful voice but that was all.  Now it may have taken her life.  She was a talent that was gone too soon.  But I think she was already gone.  Her comeback never happened because her voice was gone.  The addiction remained.  Now that she is gone we will have her music as a legacy.  That is the good part of her that remains and I guess her family will also have memories of good times mixed with very bad.  Drugs can disrupt the entire household.

Well, Whitney...you are in a better place singing with the angels.  I hope you are at peace.


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