February 13, 2012

Kindle Fever

I have a kindle that was given to me as a gift earlier this summer.  It is a first edition kindle and I have enjoy using it. My friend who gave it to me got a coupon for a new one so she gave me the old.  I am happy with it.  I was able to access all her old books and get my own.  I think I like it too much.  I think I have a kindle addition.  I live for the free books and have down loaded so many books that I have a plethora to read.  I mean...they all look so good and are free so why not.  But I cannot read them all as fast as I would like.

Plus there are all the free books from the library and sights like Pixels of Ink.  They offer free books everyday! Book heaven is what I am in.  But I will tell you that my love of books stem from when I was a child.  I have always loved books and over the years have accumulated many.  So many that every few years I have to give away to the local library for book sales.

There are some books that I want to read that are not free so I put myself on the local waiting list at my library and wait my turn.  I have actually bought a few books that were not free for my kindle, but right now I try not to buy any.  Free is so much better.

Right now I am on the waiting list for the book about Steve Jobs.  He was an amazing, brilliant man and I cannot wait to read it.



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